Deeds and Bylaws

Deed Restrictions are a set of rules that the community has created and agreed to live by. The Deed Restrictions are provided to every homeowner by their Title Company upon the purchase of their home. The Briarbend Community Improvement Association takes the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws very seriously, and works diligently to make sure they are maintained and enforced. Abiding by these set of rules can help keep a resident from inadvertantly imposing on their neighbors or coming into conflict with the community as a whole.

Reading and understanding the documents below is important for residents of Briarbend. If you have any questions about the documents or their content, please contact any Board Member.

Please note the Site Disclaimer when consulting the documents below.

Briarbend Deed Restrictions (.pdf)

Briarbend Constitution and By-Laws (.pdf)

Amendments to Briarbend Deed Restrictions (.pdf)

In accordance with new legislation passed by the State of Texas that affects Home Owner Associations, the Briarbend Board voted on and adopted new policies (link above) on February 14, 2012 pertaining to:

  • Document Retention Policy
  • Payment Plan Policy
  • Records Production and Copying Policy
  • Guidelines for Display of Flags
  • Guidelines for Rainwater Recovery Systems
  • Guidelines for the Display of Certain Religious Items
  • Guidelines for Roofing Materials
  • Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices

These policies were recorded and are now part of the governing Deed Restrictions pertaining to Briarbend. Additionally, an updated Management Certificate was filed on February 14, 2012 and a Fifth Amendment to Declaration was filed on January 12, 2023 and each can be viewed on the link above.