Board Meetings

Board Meetings
The Briarbend Community Improvement Association (BCIA) Board of Directors meets approximately once a month to discuss matters that are of importance to the neighborhood. Community members are welcome, but not required at these meetings. We request that you contact a Board member in advance to let them know you will be attending. Anything that you would like added to the agenda should be sent to the President at least a week prior to the meeting.

Neighborhood Meetings
In addition to the monthly meetings, two general neighborhood meetings are held usually in the Spring and the Fall each year.  Recently, the meeting has been held at Molinas Restaurant near the intersection of Stoney Brook and Westheimer. All Briarbend residents are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Meetings

  • August 8, 2023 at 7:00 pm (Board Meeting to be held at 7810 Meadow Lake Lane). 
  • Please email in advance if you plan to attend so that we can plan accordingly.  

Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes are recorded by the Briarbend Secretary.