Block Captains

The Briarbend Community Improvement Association (BCIA) has divided the
neighborhood into several sections, each of which is assigned a Block Captain.
The Block Captain is a non-voting, volunteer member of the Board.The Block
Captains’ main responsibility is to pass information back and forth between the
neighborhood residents and the Board, and to promote community involvement
within their particular block.
Responsibilities include:

  • Distribute fliers and announcements to block residents
  • Inform Board of activities or issues arising on block
  • Encourage block parties
  • Aid in the completion of neighborhood surveys

Get to know your Block Captain and be encouraged to use them as a resource
and a means to communicate with the Board!

Block Block Captain
Locke Lane Annette Moore
Wickersham Annette Moore
Overbrook Blake Kunetka
Ella Lee Jennifer Mire
Piping Rock Gregory Snyder
7802-7903 Burgoyne Cindy Garza
7906-7923 Burgoyne Betsy Miller
7802-7906 Meadow Lake Tom Ehardt
7907-7931 Meadow Lake Tom Ehardt
7802-7903 Chevy Chase Mary Spiller
7906-7930 Chevy Chase Mary Spiller
7802-7915 Del Monte & 7979 Woodway Justin Doran
2015-2215 Stoney Brook Kathy Johnson
2303-2427 Stoney Brook Braden Spalding
2503-2623 Stoney Brook Diane McDonald